Packing instructions for round bars and pipes

6.10.2017 | Operating instructions

The sender should pack all round and long bars, pipes or rolls weighing over 40 kg so that they are prevented from unintentionally rolling during loading, transport and unloading. The sender can choose the most appropriate packing method as long as the shipment is prevented from rolling.

If there are several bars or pipes, they can be tied to each other with bands, but all individual round bars must be tied tightly at least to a plank. Pipes transported as groupage are always handled on the field, so if the shipment is sensitive to moisture, this should be taken into account when choosing the package. A protected shipment also endures normal stress during transport better.

Packing that prevents products from rolling prevents occupational accidents that may injure the sender, loader, driver for recipient if the bar begins to roll off the load or forklift and falls on the loader.

The driver has an obligation to refuse to accept the shipment if he or she considers it unsafe during any of the loading and unloading activities carried out during the transport chain. The delivery time of an unpacked shipment can also be greater than expected.

Below you can see a few example photos of correctly packed shipments in which unintentional rolling is prevented.