Hardworking and down-to-earth team player. You can tell a Kaukokiito employee not only by the uniform, but also by the attitude. We are a community of over 2,000 logistics professionals who appreciate a spirit of fair work and sincere will to develop.


Kaukokiito is a transport system covering the whole of Finland that has served Finnish businesses for 65 years. A set of values based on family entrepreneurship, and professionally skilled personnel committed to these values, are Kaukokiito’s most important assets. We offer an extensive range of career opportunities: we employ many experts in various fields, from drivers to controllers and dispatchers to full stack developers across Finland.


Our success has been the result of our employees’ courage, openness and deep commitment to working together. That is why we take good care of our employees. Courage is also about questioning existing operating methods – we always strive to find more agile and efficient solutions that meet our customers’ needs together.


Development of personnel and well-being at work


Our aim is to be the most sought-after and appreciated employer in our industry. We help to develop the skills of our personnel and aim to offer every Kaukokiito employee a safe place to work.


We support continuous learning and the development of the wide range of skills of our personnel through job rotation, mentoring, cooperation with educational institutions and Kaukokiito Akatemia’s training programmes. Kaukokiito Akatemia is a personnel development and networking forum that provides employees with an opportunity to take a degree that supports their own professional competence alongside their work or to study business English or Excel.


We develop well-being at work in cooperation with our personnel and support the leisure, sporting and recreational activities of the personnel. We invest in preventive occupational safety work and take care of supporting our employees’ capacity for work. We aim to acknowledge the individual life situations of our employees with an age management model developed together with our employees.


We support and provide our supervisors with tools for strengthening their supervisory skills. Our inspiring and caring supervisors lay the foundation for a corporate culture in which people can shine and bravely be what they are.


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