At Kaukokiito, we want to be a new kind of logistics company. The kind of company that operates as a team, genuinely takes care of its people and boldly develops new solutions to support efficient logistics.


We have grown by pushing forward with courage. We are constantly updating our fleet and training our staff. Our wide range of technology talents drives us and the industry forward.


However, it is all about people. Moving nearly 4 million shipments per year would not be possible without the seamless collaboration of 2,000 Kaukokiito employees. In the midst of growth, it is important to us that we have managed to maintain the warm and straightforward nature of a family business.


Today, our range of work tasks is broader than ever before. Our multidisciplinary team of drivers, transport planners, terminal and logistics employees and financial experts, as well as professionals of sales, communications, customer service, HR, technology and data development are striving together for the best customer experience in Finland.


Feels straightforward


For us at Kaukokiito, it is a source of pride that things are done as they should. We make sure that in our everyday work, we use the latest transport equipment, functional tools, and systems that make information available to everyone. The mobile data terminal used by our drivers and terminal workers is one of the most praised in our industry.


Logistics operate day and night. However, together we can be flexible so that we don't miss out on the most important moments in life. There are no issues with the salaries either as they are paid on time.


There would be no Kaukokiito without Kaukokiito employees who enjoy their work. That is why we are committed to offering good work – something that everyone who works for us can be proud of.


Feels like a team sport


For us, logistics is above all a team sport. This includes taking care of safety, well-being and each other. By working together as a team, we at Kaukokiito quickly find solutions to our customers’ logistical needs.


We invest in preventive occupational safety work and take care of supporting our employees' capacity for work. We also support the leisure, sporting and recreational activities of our personnel.


The work we do is not always straightforward, but our way of doing things is. Our employees do not have to work on their own whether they are in the terminal, in the office or behind the wheel. Our workplace is very team-oriented – for many, it can feel like a family.


Feels like the future


We are driven by the desire to renew the logistics industry as well as ourselves. We have often been a pioneer. Kaukokiito was the first domestic carrier to completely abandon printed waybills. Our 40-person technology unit is also looking far into the future. This top team of coders and developers is independently building the future of logistics and a more sustainable Kaukokiito.


In our technology team, one has the opportunity to develop new things and to test different technologies. For us, development work does not just mean maintaining the old; instead, we are boldly challenging our current ways of working and constantly looking for better solutions and ways to support our customers’ and our employees' everyday lives.


Our work is connected to large-scale global issues. However, it is often a matter of finding a solution to a problem close by. For us, the future is a matter of concrete actions every day.


Feels like an opportunity


Doing good work gives one opportunities to grow and develop. We are determined to develop a uniform Kaukokiito and responsible supervisory work to keep our logistics team in the best shape in the future. We understand that the work of supervisors has a significant impact on job satisfaction. We invest in training our supervisors and have defined common leadership principles – the promise of what kind of leadership one receives from Kaukokiito.


Our employees appreciate the fact that they can influence both their own job description and the company’s operations. Through the Kaukokiito Academy, many people have found a new direction for their career. We have 2,000 people and just as many ways for them to build their own path as a Kaukokiito employee in the nationwide network.

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