The emergence of responsibility themes and objectives


2021 was a significant year for Kaukokiito's responsible operations. Responsibility was redefined in the company.


The work was a natural continuation of our previous sustainability efforts, which were based in particular on reducing emissions by various means, such as increasing transport capacity with new, lower-emission HCT combination vehicles.


At the beginning of the year we wanted to take the bull by the horns. We were proud of the responsibility work we had already done, but we wanted to step up our efforts. Our idea was to provide more responsible transport services.


We believe that a sustainable tomorrow can be achieved together. So we created the themes and objectives of responsibility in close cooperation with Kaukokiito employees and our customers. The goals that have now been defined are making responsibility a more solid part of Kaukokiito's business.


From these discussions and our understanding of the logistics sector, a forward-looking roadmap of responsibility emerged. It divides the objectives into three parts: climate, Kaukokiito staff and society. Below these themes lie sub-objectives that seal responsibility as part of our everyday lives.


Each area of responsibility is divided into practical projects, whose development is managed, measured and developed. One key decision is to tighten the reduction of emissions and to set ourselves a strict target for the carbon-neutral transport of all deliveries by 2030; five years before Finland's national target.


These targets crystallise Kaukokiito's will to act responsibly. In the future, we not only want to be a responsible logistics company, but our goal is to maximise our positive impact and help our customers achieve their own goals in terms of responsibility.


We are doing this work now so that, in the years to come, responsibility will be an integral part of the everyday lives of each Kaukokiito employee and customer.