Transport is responsible for a significant part of greenhouse gas emissions in Finland. That is why we have set ourselves a tough target: to deliver in a completely carbon-neutral way by 2030. We have our destination, and now have to clarify the different stages of the journey.


The situation now


Kaukokiito is a logistics company that plays an important role in promoting climate-sustainable transport in Finland. Our most significant source of emissions is our equipment. That's what we're already paying attention to in the carbon footprint of deliveries. Thanks to our young fleet and extra-long combined HCT vehicles, the carbon footprint of our deliveries is lower than before – saving 160 forest hectares of carbon on an annual basis. In addition, we are reducing emissions by optimising deliveries, that is, by planning routes in such a way as to save driving kilometres.

At our terminals, emissions are caused by energy consumption, which is why we have invested in energy efficiency, geothermal energy and solar panels. We also have a paperless supply chain, which saves natural resources.


Our goals

  • By 2030, to transport all our deliveries in a carbon-neutral way
  • A consistently modern and environmentally friendly fleet
  • Biodiesel as an alternative to fossil fuels
  • Customer-specific emissions reports

The climate actions we have taken are a step in the right direction. However, they are not enough for us. We aim for carbon-neutral deliveries by 2030, which means, among other things, setting increasingly stringent criteria for the procurement of equipment, increasing the load factor of transport and better optimisation of deliveries. We are also bringing in biodiesel as an alternative to fossil fuels and developing our fleet to be even more environmentally friendly.

We have developed calculations of our carbon footprint in 2021 to meet the global standards for transport emissions calculations (SFS-EN ISO 16258 and GLEC Framework). This will ensure that customers will be able to compare Kaukokiito emissions with other companies in the sector more accurately than before. The carbon footprint calculation of the entire Kaukokiito organisation will be completed by the turn of the year 2021–2022. We are also developing consignment-specific carbon footprint reporting.