Read about Kaukokiito’s responsibility goals and achievements in our responsibility report


The cornerstones of low-emission logistics:


  • HCT: A combination HCT vehicle can carry more goods in one journey – and therefore requires fewer journeys.
  • A modern fleet: The new fleet is more efficient and significantly reduces local emissions.
  • Alternative propulsion: Low-carbon logistics requires new low-emission propulsion, such as electric and gas-powered vehicles.
  • Energy efficiency: Logistics as a whole also includes other services supporting transport, and they must also be energy-efficient and low-carbon.

We monitor our progress more closely, measure important milestones and communicate our successes openly to the outside world. In this way, we also keep our stakeholders better informed about the state of Kaukokiito's responsibility.

We explain our responsibility objectives in more detail in our responsibility report.

Download Kaukokiito's responsibility report from this link (updated 06/2023)