"Not only does Framery want to make working life happier with soundproof phone booths, but we have set ourselves a strict target of reducing our environmental impact. We strive to reduce emissions both in our own operations and in the supply chain.

In the context of this objective, we have submitted a proposal to Kaukokiito to jointly develop a solution for reducing emissions. The cooperation seemed natural because Kaukokiito manages Framery's warehouse in Tampere.

From a few different options, we ended up investing in a vehicle that runs on biogas, which now transports our phone booths and their parts between the factory and the warehouse. The cooperation with Kaukokiito was straightforward and the result impressive.

Kirsti Sääjärvi, Sustainability Lead, Framery



“HKScan is aiming for a carbon-neutral food chain by 2040. This target also means reducing emissions in transport.

The biogas truck is a good fit for our purposes. The biogas truck makes many trips in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and has a high filling rate, which is why emissions savings are significant.

We appreciate Kaukokiito's way of boldly seizing new opportunities to find solutions to reduce emissions from logistics.

Leea Lehtonen, Transport Manager and Henry Pihlava, Category Manager, Logistics, HKScan



“Systematically reducing climate impact is one of Tokmanni's most important areas of responsibility.

Kaukokiito is Tokmanni's long-term partner and is responsible for all our domestic transport. We are very satisfied with the quality-cost ratio of Kaukokiito's transport and with the fact that it operates both day and night.

As far as environmentally friendly transport is concerned, I am pleased to report that Tokmanni and Kaukokiito joined forces to introduce HCT vehicles as soon as this was possible by exemption permit. This is a significant step forward as the higher capacity of an HCT combination vehicle allows for emission savings. In this case, fewer vehicles are needed to transport the same tonnage.”

Tuija Landén, Logistics Planner, Tokmanni