There would be no Kaukokiito without Kaukokiito employees who enjoy their work. That is why we are committed to doing a good job – something that everyone who works for us can be proud of.


The situation now


Kaukokiito is a significant Finnish employer. We have approximately 2,000 employees of our own and thousands indirectly through subcontractors and partners. We monitor the implementation and development of well-being at work with an annual well-being at work survey and three pulse surveys. In addition, we have carried out additional surveys related to work, coping and well-being during the pandemic.

We offer Kaukokiito employees training opportunities at the Kaukokiito Academy. Safety findings are monitored on a daily basis through local managers. Every accident at work is reported and subject to an internal investigation. We also use safety surveys in which our staff participate.


Our goals


  • Skilled employees
  • Thriving staff
  • A safe working environment

We are committed to making work even better for the Kaukokiito community. Our goal is motivated, competent and thriving staff. This can be achieved by monitoring well-being, addressing development issues, and investing in leadership and managerial work.

Our focus is on safety and its development: our target is zero accidents.