A fair social partnership is part of our responsibility. We follow ethical principles in our own operations and require our partners to implement them too.


The situation now

Kaukokito has a long tradition as a local Finnish operator. In addition, being open and trustworthy is an important part of our values. These are crystallised in our goal of being a fair partner in society.


In order to achieve our responsibility goals, it has been important for us that responsibility is an integral part of the Kaukokiito management system. That is why the implementation of the responsibility objectives is steered by our own responsibility steering group. This group is committed to attaching greater responsibility to the Kaukokiito business.


Our goals

  • Growth of ethical subcontractors
  • Update of the internal ethical policy

As a major logistics operator, our actions have an impact. Currently, most of our subcontractors are committed to Kaukokiito's ethical principles, and the rest will be committed to them by 2022 at the latest.


In addition, our own operations are guided by Kaukokiito's internal ethical guidelines, which are an important part of the development of our responsible practices. We will further refine and develop our subcontractors' and internal ethical principles during 2022. These measures will help us to ensure that the basis of our responsible action is in order.


Our fair social partnership also involves openness in our operations. In the future, we intend to communicate more about our responsibilities and to hear the thoughts and wishes of our customers and employees. By working together, our activities can be more effective.