Use our warehousing services and free up time and space for yourself. We can warehouse your products professionally at the most convenient possible location to suit your company’s operations.


Our warehousing network covers the whole country, from Turku to Ivalo. Our network offers both local warehousing as well as multi-storage solutions. We have a total of 140,000 m² of heated and cold warehouse spaces – which is equal to 19 football pitches!


With our help, you can produce all logistics services, ranging from intralogistics to transports and warehousing. Not only do we warehouse your products but we also offer packing and palletising, further processing, warehouse accounting, transport documents, IT services, dispatch and, of course, transports on the next business day following the pickup to nearly all parts of the country.


You can use your own warehousing system or Kaukokiito’s system, or integrate them to communicate together. You can make warehouse orders and follow your warehouse inventory in real time. We have an extensive range of machinery for the safe processing and warehousing of shipments of different sizes and weights. With us you can warehouse practically anything you want!


Our experts will help you to develop your logistics and warehousing services. Our customer service, which is specialised in warehousing services, is also at your disposal. Tell us what you need, and we’ll give you a solution.


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