Fuel surcharge starting from 1 April 2021

The transport industry has applied a fuel surcharge since the beginning of this millennium, and Kaukokiito has reacted to price changes on a monthly level. The price of fuel has almost doubled in the past twenty years, and the amount of fuel surcharge has mostly stayed at over 20 per cent for ten years.


We do not see any upcoming factors in the future that would significantly lower the price of fuel from its current level. Therefore, we are in a situation where the greatest part of the fuel surcharge has to be included in the basic rates, because it is apparent that it is now a permanent part of the cost structure.


Starting from 1 April 2021, we are going to include 18 % of current fuel surcharge into the basic rates. The amount of the new fuel surcharge, according to the current calculations, will be the fuel surcharge of the moment from which the 18 percentage points are deducted.


The change will be implemented in a way that the total price of fuel and the surcharge, paid by the customer, are not affected at the moment of change. We will continue reflecting the changes in fuel price and surcharges the same way we have up to this point. The surcharge can not turn into a negative.



To settle the questions that might arise, please get in touch with your sales contact person.

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