Kaukokiito’s strategy period 2021–2025 has been launched

A new five-year business strategy has been launched in Kaukokiito this year. Kaukokiito’s CEO Petri Angervuori explains the strategy’s priorities and impacts on customer cooperation. Our target is clear – we deliver the best customer experiences at all times.


“Kaukokiito launched the new Strategy 2025 programme early this year. This launch was preceded by nearly one year of extensive planning and preparation work. I can honestly say that, during my career, I have never before been engaged in strategy planning with similar comprehensive background work and enthusiasm.


The vision for the previous strategy period was: Kaukokiito – A leading transporter of goods and information. The success of the old strategy and related achievements are indisputable. We have taken a huge digital leap during the last couple of years: nearly 100% of our transport orders are currently submitted electronically. This made it possible for us to transfer to a digital supply chain and, as the first carrier in Finland, we abandoned printed waybills in February 2020.


The customer’s voice is heard in the strategy


The changes taking place in the world outlined the strategy planning. For example, climate change, globalisation, world population growth, accelerating digitalisation and pandemics must be considered in the strategy work.


These changes naturally have an impact on our customers. Therefore, the customers’ view of the future has been the most crucial factor shaping our strategy. We have interviewed and discussed with a great number of our customers and commissioned an extensive customer survey at the beginning of the strategy work. I would like to thank our customer for the valuable information and views provided – we will continue this dialogue in the future!


The customer experience is at the core of our strategy. We want to listen to you and your opinions even better in the future. This will be reflected in practice, for example, in the new customer feedback survey model to be launched this year.


Kaukokiito’s values and strategic priorities


All our operations are based on values defined on the chain level:


We are open and reliable – we talk about things openly and keep what we promise.


We develop ourselves boldly and flexibly for the benefit of the customer – we develop our operations and services in a creative and innovative manner, driven by the customer experience.


We work for our healthy and productive work community – the secret of our success is our skilled and successful Kaukokiito employees.


We are a domestic Kaukokiito family with an image – our domestic family business is reflected in our appreciation for domestic work, care for our customers and colleagues, our respect for each other, team spirit and a low level of bureaucracy.


Kaukokiito’s Strategy 2025


Our strategy is divided into four priorities:


We are the customer’s first choice
First-class customer experience is the goal of all our operations, on all levels. We develop our operations comprehensively and boldly so that we continue to be your first choice.


A pioneer of quality, day and night
The quality of our operations is our most important operative indicator. Our quality is high, but we want to further improve the quality of all our operations. For us, quality is not just the production quality but a matter reflected in all of our operations.


One unified Kaukokiito
We will further harmonise our operating methods and processes. The service experience of our customers will be more consistent throughout the world.


We develop together with our customers – responsibly
We develop our operations as the strategic partner of our customers and constantly search for new solutions serving our customers. Responsibility plays a crucial role in our strategy. Our goal is to develop more sustainable ways to create added value to benefit our customers’ business operations – and again we want to listen to your views.


The strategy is implemented through projects


Kaukokiito’s strategy is implemented through intertwined projects which shape the everyday life and job description of Kaukokiito employees. Some of the projects are already underway, and our employees are extensively involved in their implementation. We will report the progress of our projects and achievements to our customers. The objective of the strategy, and thereby all the projects, is a better customer experience.


Kaukokiito – the pioneer of digitalisation, transport and overall logistics. We deliver better customer experiences.


Have a nice spring and summer!”




Petri Angervuori
Suomen Kaukokiito Oy

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