The new Kaukokiito BIO service reduces the carbon footprint of transportation

We are launching the new Kaukokiito BIO service on the market, which allows our customers to reduce the carbon footprint of their transport by up to 90 per cent. It is a concrete, fast and cost-effective way to achieve climate goals. The emission reporting we offer makes it easy to monitor the development of emissions.

The Kaukokiito BIO service transports shipments with renewable diesel. The fuel is made 100 per cent of reusable raw materials, and that reduces the carbon footprint of transport by up to 90 per cent compared to the use of fossil diesel. The advantage of renewable diesel is a large, national distribution network, so we can use it in all domestic transport.

In freight transport, it is difficult to ensure that a certain shipment travels in a car filled with renewable diesel. By choosing the Kaukokiito BIO service, we refuel an amount of renewable diesel in our transport network that corresponds to the emission reduction target for shipments.

For users of the service, we offer clear emission reporting based on real customer data, which makes it easy to monitor the success of emission reduction goals. The Kaukokiito BIO service is suitable for all's transport needs: the transport of packages, piece goods and partial and full loads.

Why did we develop the Kaukokiito BIO service?

In the transport industry, the share of carbon dioxide emissions is traditionally large, and we are committed to promoting climate-resistant logistics in Finland. With the Kaukokiito BIO service, we want to offer our customers the opportunity for concrete and fast-acting acts of responsibility. At the same time, it is a step towards our goal of transporting shipments carbon-neutral in the future. Read more about our responsibility goals.

Become a climate partner and use the Kaukokiito BIO service!