The Kaukokiito BIO service transports your shipments with renewable diesel. Fuel made from reusable raw materials reduces the carbon footprint of transportation by up to 90 per cent. It is a concrete, quick and cost-effective act of responsibility that has a great impact on the environment.


With the Kaukokiito BIO service, your company can participate in climate action and make responsibility a concrete part of business. The service is suitable for all transport needs: the transport of packages, groupage and partial and full loads.


The Kaukokiito BIO service uses renewable diesel, which is made 100 per cent from waste and residues. Renewable diesel burns cleanly and withstands cold very well. It is therefore suitable for transport in the demanding Northern climate! The advantage of renewable diesel is a large, national distribution network, so we can use it in all domestic transport.


How does it work?


In freight transport, it is difficult to ensure that a certain shipment travels in a car filled with renewable diesel. By choosing the Kaukokiito BIO service, we refuel an amount of renewable diesel in our transport network that corresponds to the emission reduction target for shipments.


The price of the Kaukokiito BIO service is based on the volume and volume distribution of your shipments, from which the fuel consumption estimate for your transport is calculated. In addition, it is affected by the cost difference between renewable diesel and regular diesel.


For users of the service, we offer clear emission reporting based on real customer data, which makes it easy to monitor the success of emission reduction goals.


You will receive an offer from your Kaukokiito contact person or at



  • By using the service, you reduce the carbon footprint of your transportation by 90 per cent. The positive impact on the environment is significant! You can see the effects of the service in the emissions report you receive.
  • Renewable diesel has an extensive distribution network in Finland.
  • The Kaukokiito BIO service is easy, fast and cost-effective to use, and it does not require you to make any changes to your everyday operations.
  • It is possible to use the service as part of responsibility communication.



Download the Kaukokiito BIO brochure.

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