Kaukokiito Partial and full loads is an environmentally-friendly and economical solution for all your shipments that are over 3,000 kg or over 9 m³. We pick up the shipment from a desired address and deliver it directly to the recipient across the country.


Your shipment will usually be delivered on the next business day following the pickup to the address marked in the parcel label or waybill. In the pickup and destination points, an appropriate loading platform, a forklift or unloading equipment is required. The shipment can be picked up or delivered also with, for example, a crane, as an additional service.


  • Kaukokiito Partial and full loads weightover 3,000 kg
  • Kaukokiito Partial and full loads over 9 m³
  • Kaukokiito Partial and full loads order Order on the pickup day by 10 a.m. (max. 12,000 kg and under 7 m per parcel). A larger transport batch on the day before the pickup by 1 p.m.

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