Kaukokiito’s 70th anniversary year has begun

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Kaukokiito. In the spring of 1953, a group of transport industry professionals gathered in restaurant Viherkulma in Helsinki and signed a charter entitling them to paint the Kaukokiito name onto their cars and operate under it. The company’s domicile was Helsinki and its first office was located in the Hakaniemi market square.

The men who shook hands on the charter could not have imagined that seven decades later, there are more than a thousand Kaukokiito vehicle units moving on Finnish roads every day and 2,000 Kaukokiito employees around the country working towards a common goal: always delivering better customer experiences. Much has changed, but the foundation remains the same: our roots are still deep in this country, and the culture of entrepreneurship has continued to be strong. The four owner carriers of Kaukokiito, all of which are family businesses, cherish the company’s history, but also build on it with pride and passion.

The anniversary is visible in Kaukokiito’s activities in many ways

In the anniversary year, we want to highlight not only our history, but also the central and important responsibility and development themes of our current strategy period, as well as celebrate the milestones already achieved. The theme of the anniversary year is “on the way to the future”.

As an example of this, we will present on our channels Kaukokiito’s 52 acts of responsibility, one for each week of the year. These individual acts – big and small – are all valuable in our journey towards our responsibility objectives. Through this determined responsibility work done together with our customers, we promote climate-sustainable logistics in Finland.

Mark the anniversary year’s events on your calendar!

The coronavirus pandemic brought in-person interactions to a halt, and hardly any events have been held. Now this is finally changing!

During the anniversary year, we are going to attend numerous events and organise a few of our own, too. You can already mark on your calendar the Taitaja2023 event in Espoo and the Transportation trade fair in Jyväskylä in May. In addition, we will organise the popular Kaukokiito Golf customer event, which has already become a tradition, on Nokia River Golf’s River course in the summer. The year will culminate in Tampere in the autumn, where we will invite our customers to celebrate the 70-year-old Kaukokiito with us. You will hear more about the events as the year progresses!

Without our customers and personnel, there would be no 70-year-old Kaukokiito. Those thirteen founding partners in restaurant Viherkulma would be proud if they knew what their hard work has led to.

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