Kaukokiito invests in eight pure electric trucks

Kaukokiito, Finland's largest private logistics chain, continues to invest in a growing electric vehicle fleet. It is a step towards the responsibility goal of transporting shipments in a carbon-neutral way in the future.

Our ambitious goal is carbon-neutral transport of all deliveries by 2030, five years ahead of Finland's national target. We are moving towards this goal one step at a time and with concrete actions – so far, for example, we have invested in improved fleet efficiency and economical driving, as well as transitioned to a digital supply chain as the first carrier operating in Finland at the beginning of 2020. Launched in March 2023, the Kaukokiito BIO service enables the transport of shipments with renewable diesel, which reduces the carbon footprint of transport by up to 90%. We also use renewable energy sources at our terminals.

Most recently, the journey towards carbon neutrality will be accelerated by the investment in eight new pure electric trucks. The size of the investment is significant: for comparison, 15 electric trucks were registered throughout Finland in 2022 (source: Traficom).

An electric truck is the most environmentally friendly choice when considering the entire life cycle of the vehicle. The fleet does not cause any emissions in traffic – trucks are charged at charging stations that use renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy. In addition, they have a low noise impact and are, therefore, well suited for city centre driving.

– We operate in a field that produces emissions, and we take responsibility seriously. Alternatively powered vehicles are part of our sustainability journey; we want to expand our existing electric vehicle fleet and open-mindedly gain more user experience with the technology, says Petri Angervuori, CEO of Kaukokiito.

The first electric trucks will start operating in Oulu, Turku, Tampere and Mikkeli during the summer. According to the estimated schedule, the rest will arrive during the rest of the year and start driving in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Pori and Hämeenlinna. As a result of the investment, a total of 18 electric vehicles will drive in national Kaukokiito traffic, 11 of which will be trucks and 7 vans. In addition, we have 11 vehicles that run on biogas.

Further information:

Petri Angervuori
CEO, Suomen Kaukokiito Oy
+358 10 510 9670

Read more about our responsibility goals

Suomen Kaukokiito Oy is an expert organisation in the field of logistics that has served Finnish businesses for 70 years. The company produces and develops transport and total logistics solutions for the needs of its customer companies by using the latest technology. Responsibility in Kaukokiito means concrete actions, and the company's goal is to carry carbon-neutral deliveries by 2030.

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