Kaukokiito's customer satisfaction is excellent: NPS +53!

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the customer satisfaction survey conducted in May 2023 was excellent at +53, well above the transport and logistics industry average of +41.

We are constantly working to improve your customer experience, and this development work is based on the wishes and feedback we receive from our customers. We monitor and measure the development of our customer experience through surveys conducted twice a year. In addition, we conduct regular interviews in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of our customers' operating environment and its changes, and to map their requirements for a future logistics partner. This ensures we can always keep pace with our customers.

High-quality and personalised service

The net promoter score (NPS) indicates how likely a person would be to recommend a company to others. The result of the survey conducted in May was +53, which exceeds the limit for “excellent”. It was also possible to provide feedback in the survey: Kaukokiito received praise especially for reliable delivery, friendly and professional service and the Kaukoputki online service.

During the past strategy period, Kaukokiito has invested particularly in sustainability work, the development of digitalisation and data management and the visualisation of data. In addition, we have paid special attention to securing skilled personnel by, for example, investing in the development of managerial work and occupational safety.

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