Transport and terminal service prices from 1 November 2023 onwards

Dear customer,

This year, we have continued our determined development work and utilised new technology in making our processes more efficient. At the same time, we have taken steps towards the responsibility goal of transporting shipments in a carbon-neutral way in the future. The Kaukokiito BIO service, which was launched this year, as well as investing in alternative propulsion and the environmental friendliness of our premises will also help to achieve the responsibility objectives of our customers.

Kaukokiito’s customer satisfaction is at an excellent level: our Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the customer satisfaction survey conducted in May 2023 was excellent at +53, well above the transport and logistics industry average of +41. Our goal is to deliver increasingly better customer experiences also in the changing market situation – because our customers are vitally important to us.

Costs in the logistics sector have continued to increase, and the global situation creates uncertainty in the future of logistics in Finland, too. A bold utilisation of new technologies and investing in development work will help to compensate this cost pressure caused by the changing operating environment.

In order to ensure our service capability and further development of our operations, we will increase our transport and service prices by 5.9% as of 1 November 2023.

Looking forward to our continued co-operation!

Petri Angervuori
Suomen Kaukokiito Oy

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