Kaukokiito is part of the Finnish national landscape – this is landscape we want to cherish. For us, responsibility is being on the side of Finnish work and nature. This vision is guided by three themes of responsibility.

The logistics sector has been undergoing a transformation in recent years. Climate change, globalisation, digitalisation and pandemics have become an integral part of the daily life of the industry, including here at Kaukokiito. Understanding this change was an important catalyst when we created our new strategy. As the environment also changes for our customers, we wanted their voice to be at the heart of our strategy. This cooperation gave rise to the goal of being a pioneer in logistics, who always delivers better customer experiences.

In our discussions, there was also a need for logistics that is good for the environment and good for people. Although responsibility is already part of our everyday life, we wanted to sharpen our work.

The main objective of the responsibility of long-distance transport is to reduce emissions from our transport: we want to play our part in combatting climate change by providing completely carbon-neutral deliveries by 2030. In addition, it is important for us to promote the well-being of our staff and to be an even fairer social actor.

Kaukokiito’s themes of responsibility – climate, Kaukokiito staff and social partnership – are part of a longer continuum.

For example, we have invested in fleet renewal and HCT combination vehicles that reduce emissions from our deliveries through improved efficiency.

The environmental friendliness of our terminals is also significant. Most of them use geothermal and solar energy, and the share of these sources will continue to grow.

Our responsibility is guided by a roadmap that allows us to monitor our progress more closely, measure important milestones and communicate our successes openly to the outside world. In this way, we also keep our stakeholders better informed about the state of Kaukokiito's responsibility.

We are living in a particularly interesting time for our industry right now. Although our environment is changing, the need for logistics in the post-pandemic world remains. Therefore, Kaukokiito will continue to deliver only the best customer experiences. They contribute to the development of more sustainable logistics for the environment and people.

Petri Angervuori CEO, Kaukokiito